Unsolicited Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with our pictures from Kodak Gallery. We ordered 2 16X20s and they look like the cover of a magazine. Thanks again!!!"  
"After 3 yrs. of racing you are the first photographer to take a decent pic of me:) Thanks."  
"Your pic's are very nice, and realistic. Thank you,..."  
"Great work. Thanks!"  
"I like the way they came out."  
"Nice job!"  
"I like the photos! Nice work considering my mare spooked... "  
Not every comment is favorable.  
[Equestrian photo] "I'm curious as to why you didn't choose a larger, wider jump as the subject for the photo. Also, side shots are typically more attractive that frontal views. Lastly, I probably would have bought this one anyway, but I'm not even fully in the frame! This is disappointing."
[I shoot a tight image, so that you can see the rider's face and the horse's face. When shooting tight, it is difficult to keep everything in the image. And sometimes, a rider is cut off.]