Virus Help

Some of you out there have viruses. In addition to photography, I worked as a computer programmer. Therefore, I will point you to the experts who deal with viruses daily. Experts who can help you if you are infected.
Symantec sells antivirus software. Symantec kindly offers free removal tools for eliminating viruses from an infected PC.
Link to Symantec Note: If Symantec rearranges their site, the links below may fail.
Link to Symantec's Virus Center
All Removal Tools available from Symantec
Without your knowledge there may be data-mining, advertising, and tracking components on your PC. Ad-aware is a great, free product that locates and removes these bits of nastiness.
Read about Ad-aware
Download Ad-aware
Basic advice for avoiding viruses is to not open attachments in emails from people you don't know. Or if the email is from someone you know, but unexpected. Avoid using Microsoft Outlook, because it automatically opens email attachments and does not offer an option to shut off this behavior.