Equestrian participants have the option to register with AK Action Photo. Registrants will receive an email with a link directly to your images (one click access to your images) when the images are available.

Here's the plan.
  • Register once with AK Action Photo.
  • Attend an event, that we are photographing.
  • We run a computer script which matches your registration with available images from the event and builds emails.
  • Images are posted to the AK Action Photo website.
  • When the images are posted, the emails are sent to registered riders.
  • When you receive the email, you click the link in the email to view all your images from the event.

  • One click access to your images. No need to check the website to see when the images are posted. Just wait for your email. Basically, an enhanced version of the Notify feature, but for ALL events that we photograph.

    Specify your name as it will appear in the program, your horse's name as it will appear in the program, and your email address. Register once for each horse that you ride. A computer script will match your Registration with your entry or entries in the event program to determine your participation in the event and your bib number.

    We respect privacy and detest spam. Therefore, the email addresses will only be used to notify you of available images and the list will not be sold.