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Event DateEvent Description
17 September 2017  Stonehill vs University of New Haven (Search by Stonehill name)
8 October 2016  Stonehill vs Bentley (Search by Stonehill name)
24 September 2016  Stonehill vs LIU Post (Search by Stonehill name)
3 September 2016  Stonehill vs East Stroudsburg University (Search by Stonehill name)
8 November 2015  Stonehill vs Assumption (NE-10 Final) (Search by Stonehill name)
26 September 2015  Stonehill vs Limestone College (Search by Stonehill name)
12 September 2015  Stonehill vs Southern New Hampshire University (Search by Stonehill name)
20 November 2014  Stonehill vs Adelphi University (Search by Stonehill name)
4 October 2014  Stonehill vs Southern Hew Hampshire University (Search by Stonehill name)
7 September 2014  Stonehill vs East Stroudsburg University (Search by Stonehill name)
28 September 2013  Stonehill Field Hockey (Search by Stonehill name)